8 Aug

London is a witch. I refer to the city as a woman as in my mind I associate it to a feminine figure and I can not really explain why.

London is a witch because it captures you with her power, literally disarranging  and upsetting you.

Trust me, more than often,  I really hate London.
Running from the East to the West, pushing, squeezing with sweaty people in the carriages of the Tube to reach your workplace, grey sky, rain: chaos. And then the day after you can not manage not to fall in love with Londinium. Again.

The (few) days when the sun is shining, people smiling and you are off from work. Then you love London.
You can not avoid loving the mixture of the people living here, the accents from all over the world and the peculiarities of the different parts of the city. It might sound quite obvious but it is really like this.

I do have places I love, where I use to spend my “me-times”, walking and listening to my favourite music. I love the markets and on a Sunday morning/afternoon, Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market are definitely a “must-do” thing. I enjoy walking down Southbank from Westminster to Tower Bridge, mixing with the tourists and with locals.  I adore losing myself in the crowd of underground events in a car-park dancing on electronic and dance music or shouting out loud in the front-row of (another) concert.
Discovering new things, new exhibitions, events to attend, gigs to go, all of these things make me happy.

Pure adrenaline.

London is my city. I have to admit that. When I was young, before starting university I was dreaming of living in a huge, big, chaotic city and I was literally dreaming of living in London. Everyone was aware of that. I can not even explain why but all the people who know (and have known) me have always associated me to London.
When I moved here someone told me “you will be here after one year and even more”. At that time I did not even have a job, I was living in Zone 5 (literally not even London anymore, it was Middlesex) and I did not have a lot of hope in my pocket. That person was right. Here I am, two years later. Must be destiny, that is what I have been told.

Still, sometimes, I think of my future and I am not 100 % sure I will spend the rest of my life here. Who knows…

Londinium, odi et amo….

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