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D&G collection from Milan Fashion Week

24 Sep

Love this outfit with that Disney t-shirt and the skirt

Full coverage here


Review Two Door Cinema Club’s gig 22.09.10 (Italian)

23 Sep

recensione concerto di ieri Two Door Cinema Club here

Nails nails nails

21 Sep

This morning I was reading some tweets regarding the London Fashion Week and I found this website.

Sophy Robson is a luxury nail artist and she is posting pictures directly from the catwalks.

Loving her style!

Muse 11.09.10, Wembley

16 Sep

Quick, quick post.
I know that after the following few lines someone will hate me, but please, this is just my personal idea.

I got the tickets for Muse at the very last moment (literally). One of my friend living in Ireland had a friend in Finland who could not attend the gig anymore and was selling them underpriced. I received the two tickets 24 hours before, when I was literally starting to panick.

Wembley is Wembley. It is a huge, big stadium and having been there several times (U2, Oasis, Kasabian, Coldplay) I know how you feel when you go out from the underground station and you see it. Emotions.

You all know how is the “Resistance” Tour. I suppose, you have read reviews, seen pictures everywhere of the UFO and of the great show.

Well, show. That’s how I felt. I have to admit I am not the Muse’s fan N.1. They were amazing, they played wonderfully, etc etc. The entire performance made you feel like you were in Hollywood (and not in Wembley).

Somehow the people were not that involved, they were not jumping, singing along ( I know that some of the songs are not that easy to sing if you do not have the voice of the singer) but cmon! You are in Wembley, you are seeing a great band. Dead. And I was not even in a bad position! Standing on the pitch!
Maybe it is just my personal taste and the fact that I am comparing totally different perfomances and kind of shows. I felt it was a show, ready for the DVD and the CD. Usually I love everything, and I loved Muse as well, but in a different way.

At the very end, going to the Tube, people were not even singing like they used to do in other concerts, I was so disappointed, trust me!
I had the chance to speak about this with other people who attended several Muse concecerts before and they were disappointed as well. It is not the band’s fault but the atmosphere was not rock’n roll as I expected. It is…. POP not in the bad connotation, but “popular”.

Anyway, Matt and the other members were great, lights and effects awesome, stage amazing, setlist very good with old songs (even if I wanted “Unintended” to be played), even the rain saved us, I managed to get back to London in a “normal time”.

I am happy I had the luck to see them, but I hope they will get back to smaller and more intimate venues.
Pics coming soon (as I get a Pro Flickr account!).

Shorts & bermudas

16 Sep

Fashion and girlie post.

Yesterday morning I went window-shopping with a friend in High Street Kensington aka “you do not have money to buy things but you are seeing and wanting everything they have in the store”.

I fell in love in Zara with these shorts, I want them! Some time ago I would have never wondered buying them, as I was 100 % that they would have not flattered my figure. Nowadays, growing up and since the shape of my body has changed a bit, I am not ashamed of wearing something like this

They are from Zara and as soon as October (and my new salary) will arrive, promised, they are mine!

The XX win the Mercury Prize

8 Sep

Last night the XX won the Mercury prize 2010. Well done guys!

I had the chance to see them live last year in Sheperds Bush, London and they were one of the best bands I saw playing live, indeed. No one could take their eyes off  of them. Actually I still think they sounded  even better than on the record. The music and the voices of the singers were literally hypnotic.

I could listen to their album over and over and it has been the soundtrack of the past months of my life.

For a review see an article from the Guardian today here:

Another tube strike

7 Sep

And the perfect song for today is…