Last weekend, first weekend of October

4 Oct

Another weekend gone, another Tube strike coming! Union declared strike and Tube trains in London are running with severe delays, not running at all and some stations in Central London (of course the biggest ones!) are closed. I managed to get to work on time, having left home two hours before and for the fact that part of the District Line is working fine. Will see how I will get back tonight as Jubilee Line is not working at all. Blimey! Last weekend was really really good indeed. I was working on Saturday morning/afternoon but as I finished at 7 PM I had the chance to really enjoy the night! Having bought the tickets at the beginnning of the last month for Annie Mac , the Dj from BBC1, we were very excited. The line up included Aeroplane, Katy B, Monarchy and Fake Blood. Location: Koko, Camden. As we decided to reach Koko at 9ish, it was literally raining sheeps and cows! As I finally managed to enter into the club, I was completely wet! But it was well worth it! The night was sold out and you can imagine why. Koko is a very good location, sound is good, bar prices are not that expensive and the crowd is generally a good mix of Londoners and suburbs ones. I did not really have the chance to listen to the set of Monarchy as they already had started before we got in. Aeroplane was good, a mix of nice tunes but what I was really waiting for was Katy B. Having seen her two months ago at the Urban Nerds Carnival Party at the Ewer Car Park  and after her huge collaboration with Magnetic Man, I was curious to see her in action in a bigger venue. Well, enough said, she is amazing. Her voice is so clear and strong, it is like listen to a record live and the combination with strong bass of dubstep is the perfect combo.  Dubstep is becoming hugely commercial and Magnetic Man’ s single is climbing the chart, not that underground anymore. I know someone could say that it is not that “pure”, but somehow not all the   “mainstream” means “bad quality”. The crowd went crazy with Katy B and I found myself dancing, singing on ” Katy on a Mission”  like a maniac, pushing and reaching the first rows ( as usual, I can not resist at the back, my peculiarity!). Annie Mac‘s set was great as usual, some good electro, dubstep, chart hits, but I am in love with her, no matter what she plays! I was laughing, smiling, enjoying my time after the weekly hard work and dancing!  I love these kind of nights. Sunday was a bit more chilled out. Waking up late, pasta ( yeah, Italian after all) and  bit of gloominess. It was raining again, feeling so tired and in the end we just went for a beer and a burger at the Lock Tavern , chatting and planning the next gigs. I am so into music, it is a disease! I realized that when I dance I lose myself into the tunes, start thinking, dreaming, not caring what it is surrounding me, such a trip! At the end of a Sunday or a weekend I generally have the moment of “sadness”. Up and down, this is how I have. After many years on this earth, I still have to understand how to control my mood, how not to care about people who do not deserve my attention. I am so moody after all. I am a party girl but somehow I love being alone, doing my things and lately, I often do not want to talk, to stay with people, to chat nonsense just for the sake of it. I know I should socialize more, but I am not able to wear a mask and if you look at my face, you could easily understand what I think of you. I am not a good actor, I am not able to tell good lies ( that is such a shame sometimes). Well, I am a bit upset today, but I will find a way to laugh again. Family is on the way, arriving next week and I will be on hols, so can’t wait. I need to write, to let my thoughts flow. I am used to write in my own language but I am not that good anymore. I am trying to describe my feelings in English as I need to practise more and I am not doing that enough, like I am losing something. And just few years ago, I used to write essays and dissertations at university, but I am not that nerdy anymore.I miss my books, I miss my knowledge, I miss Shakespeare,  the Beat Generation, Henry James, James Joyce and the power of the Word and Literature. I somehow lost that part of me, the part that was so huge and I want to rediscover and use it again. I am the one who (still) hates grama and spelling mistakes, the pedantic one, the book lover, the one who believes in the Logos. I am and I will always be. Well here you have a mixed post, do not know if and how someone will ever read it, but I felt like writing it in a grey quiet Londinium evening. Reviews of Placebo, Crystal Fighters and Two Door Cinema Club in English coming soon.

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