Another weekend….

9 Oct

Not that I have to make all my private things public, but yeah, yesterday was another wicked Friday!

Was off for a couple of days, so I had the chance to realax the first day and on Friday I went to see the presentation of “The Social Network” at the Apple Store in Regents Street. I could not believe my eyes when I found out that Justin Timberlake in person would have been there!

When we arrived to the store there was not such a big crowd, so luckily I had the chance to see the interview in a quite good position. Apart from Justin, the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and the actors Adrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg were there.

I can not deny I was deeply interested in Justin as I literally love him, since the time when he was performing with NSYNC and I was a nerdy teenager. Seeing him was like a dream coming true and I was really surprised when I had the chance to see a young man, in flesh and blood in front of me. I think I was maybe expecting to see a super-human, something like that. Crazy-stupid.

Anyway, the interview was quite good. The story is based on Facebook, although the screenwriter insisted that everyone, even someone not interested or not really knowing Facebook will enjoy the movie.

I am very curious to see it, not just because of Mr JT. The idea of the biggest social network and the history behind it is so unique and peculiar.

Mark, the founder of Facebook, was a sophomore at Harvard and he was  the archetype of a nerd. He was and he still is a genius, a man able to build such a powerful system, a social way to build, mantain and sometimes break relationship.

I am a Facebook/Twitter/blogs addicted and although I recognize they are all good ways to keep in touch with friends, people who live far from you, sometimes they do become alienating.

I will see the movie in a couple of weeks, it is actually out on the 15th in UK

Yesterday night, drum ‘n bass and dubstep at Fabric, good night, fun and dances and friends. A night with laughs, jokes, good tunes is always welcomed.

At the end of the night I walked from Farringdon to London Bridge. Through the City,  with my thoughts. Such a good experience. I love walking alone with the music in my ears. I now it might sound crazy and dangerous, especially at 5 AM, but somehow I find myself every time I do it. Mind wandering, flux and stream of consciousness. It hurts, it hurts a lot because in the dark and in the loneliness everything comes up, even what you have tried to avoid. But it is there, it does happen and you can fight with all your power and strenght but it does exist. Life. Such a wonderful and difficult journey. Questions and answers you can not find. Emotions I can not deny and feelings I am not able to hide. Love, hate, fear.Such a failure! This is what they call life and we should appreciate every single moment, even when reality is so hard to be faced.

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