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Gorillaz cover The XX

22 Nov

No need for words.



New discovery

20 Nov

It’s been ages since I wrote here and yeah, several concerts, gigs, I love techno, nights out, working days…whatever. I felt the need to do it tonight, instead of sleeping. And I have to wake up at 5.

Back home from a gig, few hours sleep, work, randomly reading tweets, discovered this song thanks to Phra from Crookers.

And after this, I can go to sleep for a couple of hours. And then work, going out, friends, work, going out, booking, meeting, kissing, walking, dreaming, teasing, loving, dinner, pub, work,new people, dancing, chats…. spinning around, trying not to pay attention to what make you feel unhappy….and hopefully rest soon. In the end I might need some rest, or I will die.

Life no stop!

Robyn’s new single

1 Nov

New official version of “Inderstructible”

This is exactly what I needed after the Halloween weekend, a chilling out day, good music in the background, reorganizing my room, cleaning and yeah, ovethinking as usual. But music makes all better, even if you are not at your top, even in the days when you would like to disappear.