Flowing ideas

9 Feb

I have forgotten this blog for quite a bit, as I am having a kind of “marathon” at work: 8 days in a row without a single day off on crazy shifts plus the usual concerts/gigs/clubs nights routine that I can not miss. I am always on the run, sleeping just few hours, but that’s how my life is and I am not really a lazy or relaxed person who enjoys spending time inside, so after all, can’t complain!

Yesterday night I went to 93 East in Brick lane for Ignite London 4. One of my friends invited me and I have to admit that I really enjoyed that!

Different people from various backgrounds had to speak for 5 minutes, presenting 20 slideshows on a chosen topic. Yesteday there were people talking about cakes, London underground maps, Star Wars, banking and rolling dices. Quite weird but very interesting. I ended up discovering new things and points of view, appreciating the perspectives of different and smart people.

Creativity and ideas flows…It is indeed nice and relieving to see that there are still great and curious minds out there, not stuck in targets and formats, deadlines and formality.

I kinda miss literature, talking for hours of concepts and poetry, but somehow I know that that is not the way to live your life, except if you do a PhD or you are teaching English. Not that I am a good writer, but I really need a place to express myself, realizing that I am not doing that during the day. So I started another blog in italian here . I do not know how many blogs I have (hidden and public), but I really enjoy doing that. So again. A place for a daily/weekly/whatever thought.

I need creativity, ideas and interesting people in my life!

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