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Broken Record-Katy B

28 Mar

Katy B’s new single, “Broken record”, out now.


“Getting nowhere” Skream remix

28 Mar

This is actually Skream remixing…Skream!

Actual mood!

So here it is, Magnetic Man ” Getting nowhere” Skream remix


Skream’s new tune

23 Mar

“Where you should be” feat. Sam Frank.



The Vaccines- If you wanna

21 Mar

For the section.. “new bands I love”…The Vaccines!


And finally..

16 Mar

the new Justice’s tune in the Adidas promo!

Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke= Ego

16 Mar

Awesome collaboration!


Submarine-Alex Turner

14 Mar

New single “Submarine” by Alex Turner, lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys, taken from the “Submarine” Ep coming out on 14.03.11 on Domino Records. The music is part of the sountrack of the Submarine movie as well


10 Mar

I discovered this genre thanks to Toddla D and now I am dancing to it even in the middle of the street!

I found this track thanks to a Facebook page and what can I say= Moombahton plus Missy means pure groovy sounds!



and this is where all started….



R.I.P. B.I.G.

9 Mar

Late for the “postaweek” as I was in NYC and I could not post. So many things to say, write, pics to post…and so little time!


Today just a video to remember BIG. 9/3/1997, it seems yesterday. I was so into hip hop at that time.


Rest in Peace.