May Bank holiday weekend!

3 May

It is May Bank holiday weekend in UK which means we have an extra day for resting, enjoying free time and …dining out!

I love Spain and Spanish food so much, so I decided to try a restaurant in Old Street/ Shoreditch area called Tramontana Bridisa ( link here ).

The place is lovely and cozy, waiters were attentive and if you need any help, they are more thanhappy to explain the ingredients of each dish. We ordered pan con tomate ( bread with garlic and tomato), jamon de bellota ( hand – cut ham) , mussels, berenjenas (aubergines with honey), mussels and a special paella de pescado ( fish paella). Very yummy, probably a bit pricey compared to tapas places in Spain, of course but it is indeed worth a visit.

11092154_876992895700793_3544144189144496291_n 11119420_876991352367614_2406711912117148191_n 11182141_876991445700938_8848316920219856448_n 11200837_876991409034275_5773631126735136919_n 11205021_876992932367456_960132422542374846_n 11205487_876991472367602_3207636796668728933_n

We then headed to Nightjar, a jazz parlour that I love in Old Street. You need to book months in advance but a special night is guaranteed: live jazz and amazing cocktails!

rosescocktail cocktails jazz roses

A lovely night indeed!

’till the next time.

Naza x

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