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I am back ( maybe)

26 Mar

I used to love writing. I have used used simply because I do not have time anymore. Or I am simply lazy.

This blog started as a little space to publish videos that I loved, music that I discovered and list all the gigs that I attended ( simply because I could not remember and yes, nowadays it is helpful to track them down, especially when you say ” Oh, I saw that dj years ago! “) . I also used to have a blog in Italian but when the hosting web platform shut down, I could not cope with the amount of fashion bloggers, photo bloggers, travel bloggers. I was not and I am not at their level.

It was a great medium to know people, I met my best friend via my dead blog and a lot of other amazing people.

It was a super way to express myself and at that time, trolling was not an option.

So I stopped writing. I kind of miss it nowadays, at a special point of my life when everything is changing and probably, I am not even realizing that.

I moved to London almost seven years ago. I graduated from my Master in 2008. I started to work and then London life completely got me. Concerts, nights out, work, no sleep. Now I kind of have a “normal” life, if you would like to call it like this. Work, dinners, drinks, concerts ( I can’t really stop going to concerts, even if I am in my early 30s ) and… a wedding! Yes, it is in less than two months and the thought of it…well it has not sunk yet.

So, another day at the office, another crazy busy day I should say. I came home and started to prepare  dinner and thought  happily about Friday and… I felt the urge of writing, of putting down my thoughts once again.

I confess to be confused as I used to write in Italian and my brain is now split into two: Italian vs English. Who will win? I do not know how this blog will end once again but I really miss my stream of thought, that mix of feelings, inspiring you to write silly and random thoughts at weird times.

So let’s see how it goes and just give this little space another try…it might work as a therapy, you’ll never know!

’till the next time


Adoravo scrivere. Ho scritto adoravo semplicemente perché non ho più tempo. O sono semplicemente pigra.

Questo blog è cominciato come uno spazio per pubblicare video che mi piacevano, musica che scoprivo e per elencare tutti i concerti a cui andavo ( semplicemente perché non  mi ricordavo di tutti e sì, ora come ora è molto utile avere una lista, specialmente quando dici a qualcuno ” Ho visto quel dj anni fa“.

Avevo un blog in Italiano ma quando Splinder ha chiuso, non me la sono sentita di affrontare le migliaia di fashion bloggers, photo bloggers e travel bloggers. Non ero e non sono al loro livello.

Il blog era un grande mezzo per conoscere persone; ho persino conosciuto la mia attuale migliore amica tramite il mio defunto blog e altre splendide persone. Era un modo per esprimere me stessa e allora, il trolling non era così diffuso.

Così ho smesso di scrivere. Mi manca poterlo fare oggi, in un momento così speciale della mia vita, in un momento in cui tutto sta cambiano e probabilmente non me ne sto nemmeno rendendo conto.

Sono venuta a vivere a Londra quasi sette anni fa. Mi sono laureata alla Laurea Specialistica nel 2008. Ho cominciato a lavorare e poi la vita di Londra mi ha completamente preso. Concert, serate fuori, lavoro, no sleep. Ora ho una vita se si può così definire normale. Lavoro, drinks, concerti ( a trent’anni passati non posso smetterla di andare per concerti, è più forte di me) e… un matrmonio! Sì, in meno di due mesi…e il solo pensiero, forse non mi ha ancora preso del tutto, sembrà così lontano!

Così, dopo un altro giorno in ufficio, un altro folle giorno torno a casa. Inizio a preparare la cena e a pensare al Venerdì, ormai prossimo. Improvvisamente ho sentito il bisogno di scrivere, di “mettere giù ” i miei pensieri per l’ennesima volta.

Ero solita scrivere in italiano e ora il mio cervello è diviso a metà: italiano vs inglese.

Non so se questo blog avrà vita longeva ma il “flusso di coscienza” mi ha punzecchiato, resta solo da vedere dove mi porterà. Magari funziona come terapia di distressamento.

’till the next time.



Current obsession

4 Aug

Really loving the new Kasabian album,  awaiting for the December shows in Brixton!



Back to blogging

1 May

It has been more than a year since I last wrote a blog here and I regret it. I started using my Facebook page, Na’s music corner ( and I completely abandoned these pages.

I am still going to a lot of gigs, dj-set and events and I barely have time to dedicate to other activities *apart from working during the day, of course*. I really want to start writing again, especially as the summer season is full of festivals and other interesting events. In the next months I will be in Barcelona for Sonar, at Field Day, Lovebox, Wireless Festival,  Hard Rock Calling and more and I really hope to take pics and write brief reviews about them.


So, see you soon!




Skream’s dj set at Fire, Vauxhall, London 27.04.13

Reckless with you love- Azari & III

9 Dec

New Azari & III video,  I think this is possibly one of my favorite songs on the album.


Reckless with your love 
You. Just. Give it up 
Fearless with your life 
But no-one can you trust 
Reckless with your love 
You. Just. Give it away 
Fearless with your life 
Living day to day 

Back to bloggin’

18 Jul

Have to admin that I did not take this blog into consideration for the past weeks, as so many things happened  and are actually  happening(including my bday and visit from friends from abroad). Trying to get backinto the track now!

Went to see Rusko at Xoyo last week and it was totally insane (pics coming soon in my Flickr), I was waiting for something crazy but not like that, he is a proper dubstep genius! Danced and lost myself in the crowd, I was not feeling so good from ages!

Missed A-Trak at Xoyo as I was not really in the mood and not fancying going by myself, but woke up this morning with the great news of Steve Aoki coming to London in September!

Here’s a track from Skream, remix of a Delphic’s song, quite loving it!

Flowing ideas

9 Feb

I have forgotten this blog for quite a bit, as I am having a kind of “marathon” at work: 8 days in a row without a single day off on crazy shifts plus the usual concerts/gigs/clubs nights routine that I can not miss. I am always on the run, sleeping just few hours, but that’s how my life is and I am not really a lazy or relaxed person who enjoys spending time inside, so after all, can’t complain!

Yesterday night I went to 93 East in Brick lane for Ignite London 4. One of my friends invited me and I have to admit that I really enjoyed that!

Different people from various backgrounds had to speak for 5 minutes, presenting 20 slideshows on a chosen topic. Yesteday there were people talking about cakes, London underground maps, Star Wars, banking and rolling dices. Quite weird but very interesting. I ended up discovering new things and points of view, appreciating the perspectives of different and smart people.

Creativity and ideas flows…It is indeed nice and relieving to see that there are still great and curious minds out there, not stuck in targets and formats, deadlines and formality.

I kinda miss literature, talking for hours of concepts and poetry, but somehow I know that that is not the way to live your life, except if you do a PhD or you are teaching English. Not that I am a good writer, but I really need a place to express myself, realizing that I am not doing that during the day. So I started another blog in italian here . I do not know how many blogs I have (hidden and public), but I really enjoy doing that. So again. A place for a daily/weekly/whatever thought.

I need creativity, ideas and interesting people in my life!

My new philosophy

10 Jan

A new year has just started, resolutions and new desires. Everything should be different, but changing the calendar does not mean that your life is changing immediately with it.

Of course, it is not like this.

Life, with small and big challenges. Work, friends, love.


Life in London is hectic. I have been living here from almost three years and still I am not used  to say goodbye to people. I am still not used to the fact that people use each other.  People come and go. People are having fun or simply enjoying themselves. Life is like a roller-coaster for me or this is how it was last year. Gigs, concerts, nights out, work, no sleep, smiles and tears. Always trying to forget what I went through.

I lost one of the person I love the most last year. I still can not say I loved. Sometimes I still call her at home by mistake.

It is almost one year.

Last year I was calling my family back home to know how she was. When I went home in December 2009, she was at the final stage of her cancer. She could not speak, she had not enough energy, no power, no strength in her body.

She started to cry when she saw me without wig, she was crying like a baby and I felt so useless. She could not talk to me, she simply had no voice.She did not want me to see her in that condition. She wanted me to remember her smiling. I will never forget this.Horrible feeling.

I am still feeling guilty for not having been with her in her final hours. I know there was nothing I could have done, but being miles away did not help. I met one person in the past month and he shared the same feelings I had, I have and I probably will have. It was such a relief, somehow. I had not talked openly with anyone and I finally could say what I was feeling.

Cancer  and all what you live leave such a mark  in your life. You see everything in a different perspective: every relationship, every fact, situation and you can not do anything, you can not explain anything.

She taught me how to love, how to appreciate small things, how to try to see the positive way in every little small thing.

Every visit with the doctor, every chemio was like being stabbed.

This is life, we come and go, we come to life and we disappear, but it is definitely not easy to accept this.

I have still not learned. I am still trying to fight against the sterility of perception and feelings. The aridity of the rational thought. I still do every single thing with my heart and I am hurt every single time.
I’ve met hundreds of people. I laughed with them, I smiled, I had fun. I shared my feelings with them. I loved and still love some of them. I lost some of them. I cried for some of them. Some of them are my best friends. In Germany, Italy, Spain, in Switzerland, in France. I still do not get how they read into my mind and when something happens they send me a message. This is friendship then. I am surprised every single time.

Probably I will never learn, it is a never-ending process.

You can try to change, you can try to modify some parts of your being, but your essence is there and changing for something or someone is only cheating.

It 2 AM in the morning and I can not sleep, again.
I have three thousand thoughts in my mind, ideas, I am still worried and my heart is beating at the sound of the music. I can not stop it. In the past days I have felt a fear, that fear. I just want to delete that. I did not want to tell anyone.

I have to do everything by myself. Once again.

This new year is awaiting me. I will not settle down for anything less than what I want and deserve. I will not change for someone.

I still have some plans and dates to save: New York next month, a wedding in the summer, some concerts to look forward to.I want to change some things, I want to stick to the things in which I believe. And sometimes I say I just wanna be loved and understood for the crazy  human being I am.

2011, it might sound cheesy but I just want to be happy.

New sounds for 2011

8 Jan

Time for the “New sounds of 2011”!

BBC sounds of 2011 winner is Jesse J! I have to say I am literally obsessed by James Blake, 2nd in the chart and Clare Maguire ( I am going to see her at Koko on 26th for MTV Sound of 2011!).

Here you find the chart, the videos and all the info for every artist in the chart. Just wondering who we will really listen to this year.

And, song of the day, discovered on Annie Mac, Breakage ” Fighting fire”…. New Obsession


1 Jan

Welcome New Year, Welcome 2011.


And there you are, resolutions. Yes, it is that time of the year, the beginning, when you decide how to face the next 12 months.  What you should do, what you have to do, what you must do and what you have to avoid.

Along with personal and private resolutions, I have decided I will go for small and simple things, like starting to study languages again and updating this blog a little bit more. And today I found this: “Challenge for 2011, want to blog more often?”. Perfect. Writing more, writing more often.  I am not sure I will be able to post every single day, so I have decided to go for Post a Week.

So, blogging again, a new FlickrPro and a new “Internet Life”.

Welcome 2011!

Last weekend, first weekend of October

4 Oct

Another weekend gone, another Tube strike coming! Union declared strike and Tube trains in London are running with severe delays, not running at all and some stations in Central London (of course the biggest ones!) are closed. I managed to get to work on time, having left home two hours before and for the fact that part of the District Line is working fine. Will see how I will get back tonight as Jubilee Line is not working at all. Blimey! Last weekend was really really good indeed. I was working on Saturday morning/afternoon but as I finished at 7 PM I had the chance to really enjoy the night! Having bought the tickets at the beginnning of the last month for Annie Mac , the Dj from BBC1, we were very excited. The line up included Aeroplane, Katy B, Monarchy and Fake Blood. Location: Koko, Camden. As we decided to reach Koko at 9ish, it was literally raining sheeps and cows! As I finally managed to enter into the club, I was completely wet! But it was well worth it! The night was sold out and you can imagine why. Koko is a very good location, sound is good, bar prices are not that expensive and the crowd is generally a good mix of Londoners and suburbs ones. I did not really have the chance to listen to the set of Monarchy as they already had started before we got in. Aeroplane was good, a mix of nice tunes but what I was really waiting for was Katy B. Having seen her two months ago at the Urban Nerds Carnival Party at the Ewer Car Park  and after her huge collaboration with Magnetic Man, I was curious to see her in action in a bigger venue. Well, enough said, she is amazing. Her voice is so clear and strong, it is like listen to a record live and the combination with strong bass of dubstep is the perfect combo.  Dubstep is becoming hugely commercial and Magnetic Man’ s single is climbing the chart, not that underground anymore. I know someone could say that it is not that “pure”, but somehow not all the   “mainstream” means “bad quality”. The crowd went crazy with Katy B and I found myself dancing, singing on ” Katy on a Mission”  like a maniac, pushing and reaching the first rows ( as usual, I can not resist at the back, my peculiarity!). Annie Mac‘s set was great as usual, some good electro, dubstep, chart hits, but I am in love with her, no matter what she plays! I was laughing, smiling, enjoying my time after the weekly hard work and dancing!  I love these kind of nights. Sunday was a bit more chilled out. Waking up late, pasta ( yeah, Italian after all) and  bit of gloominess. It was raining again, feeling so tired and in the end we just went for a beer and a burger at the Lock Tavern , chatting and planning the next gigs. I am so into music, it is a disease! I realized that when I dance I lose myself into the tunes, start thinking, dreaming, not caring what it is surrounding me, such a trip! At the end of a Sunday or a weekend I generally have the moment of “sadness”. Up and down, this is how I have. After many years on this earth, I still have to understand how to control my mood, how not to care about people who do not deserve my attention. I am so moody after all. I am a party girl but somehow I love being alone, doing my things and lately, I often do not want to talk, to stay with people, to chat nonsense just for the sake of it. I know I should socialize more, but I am not able to wear a mask and if you look at my face, you could easily understand what I think of you. I am not a good actor, I am not able to tell good lies ( that is such a shame sometimes). Well, I am a bit upset today, but I will find a way to laugh again. Family is on the way, arriving next week and I will be on hols, so can’t wait. I need to write, to let my thoughts flow. I am used to write in my own language but I am not that good anymore. I am trying to describe my feelings in English as I need to practise more and I am not doing that enough, like I am losing something. And just few years ago, I used to write essays and dissertations at university, but I am not that nerdy anymore.I miss my books, I miss my knowledge, I miss Shakespeare,  the Beat Generation, Henry James, James Joyce and the power of the Word and Literature. I somehow lost that part of me, the part that was so huge and I want to rediscover and use it again. I am the one who (still) hates grama and spelling mistakes, the pedantic one, the book lover, the one who believes in the Logos. I am and I will always be. Well here you have a mixed post, do not know if and how someone will ever read it, but I felt like writing it in a grey quiet Londinium evening. Reviews of Placebo, Crystal Fighters and Two Door Cinema Club in English coming soon.