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Crookers presents Dr. Gonzo

6 Oct


Here’s the video for the new project of Crookers, Dr. Gonzo. Just one word, techno! Pure techno!

Can’t wait to see them playing at Fabric, London tonight!


Savage Skulls + Crookers = Dr. Gonzo

25 Jan

While waiting for the annouced tracks from Crookers and Savage Skulls here’s a teaser from the Savage Skull’s Facebook page.

Can’t wait!!! Nothing better that some good electro to cheer up!

Italian Djs on Annie Nightingale

6 Dec

You still have few fays to listen to the show of Annie Nightingale on BBCRadio1 of the past Friday.
She  hosted and presented the special mixes  of some Italian Djs: Riva Star, Crookers presenting the new project and collaboration with other Djs, the “Dr. Gonzo” project and Blatta & Inesha.

Not to miss!

You can listen to it here