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Back to blogging

1 May

It has been more than a year since I last wrote a blog here and I regret it. I started using my Facebook page, Na’s music corner ( and I completely abandoned these pages.

I am still going to a lot of gigs, dj-set and events and I barely have time to dedicate to other activities *apart from working during the day, of course*. I really want to start writing again, especially as the summer season is full of festivals and other interesting events. In the next months I will be in Barcelona for Sonar, at Field Day, Lovebox, Wireless Festival,  Hard Rock Calling and more and I really hope to take pics and write brief reviews about them.


So, see you soon!




Skream’s dj set at Fire, Vauxhall, London 27.04.13


This was my Carnival 2011

6 Sep

with Shy Fx at Digital Soundboy Soundsystem! Yeah!

Fav song at the moment

16 May

Take it back- Toddla T (Francis Dillon Rmx)

Skream’s new tune

23 Mar

“Where you should be” feat. Sam Frank.




17 Feb

Wandering around London, this is what you could find on a wall…



Flowing ideas

9 Feb

I have forgotten this blog for quite a bit, as I am having a kind of “marathon” at work: 8 days in a row without a single day off on crazy shifts plus the usual concerts/gigs/clubs nights routine that I can not miss. I am always on the run, sleeping just few hours, but that’s how my life is and I am not really a lazy or relaxed person who enjoys spending time inside, so after all, can’t complain!

Yesterday night I went to 93 East in Brick lane for Ignite London 4. One of my friends invited me and I have to admit that I really enjoyed that!

Different people from various backgrounds had to speak for 5 minutes, presenting 20 slideshows on a chosen topic. Yesteday there were people talking about cakes, London underground maps, Star Wars, banking and rolling dices. Quite weird but very interesting. I ended up discovering new things and points of view, appreciating the perspectives of different and smart people.

Creativity and ideas flows…It is indeed nice and relieving to see that there are still great and curious minds out there, not stuck in targets and formats, deadlines and formality.

I kinda miss literature, talking for hours of concepts and poetry, but somehow I know that that is not the way to live your life, except if you do a PhD or you are teaching English. Not that I am a good writer, but I really need a place to express myself, realizing that I am not doing that during the day. So I started another blog in italian here . I do not know how many blogs I have (hidden and public), but I really enjoy doing that. So again. A place for a daily/weekly/whatever thought.

I need creativity, ideas and interesting people in my life!

My new philosophy

10 Jan

A new year has just started, resolutions and new desires. Everything should be different, but changing the calendar does not mean that your life is changing immediately with it.

Of course, it is not like this.

Life, with small and big challenges. Work, friends, love.


Life in London is hectic. I have been living here from almost three years and still I am not used  to say goodbye to people. I am still not used to the fact that people use each other.  People come and go. People are having fun or simply enjoying themselves. Life is like a roller-coaster for me or this is how it was last year. Gigs, concerts, nights out, work, no sleep, smiles and tears. Always trying to forget what I went through.

I lost one of the person I love the most last year. I still can not say I loved. Sometimes I still call her at home by mistake.

It is almost one year.

Last year I was calling my family back home to know how she was. When I went home in December 2009, she was at the final stage of her cancer. She could not speak, she had not enough energy, no power, no strength in her body.

She started to cry when she saw me without wig, she was crying like a baby and I felt so useless. She could not talk to me, she simply had no voice.She did not want me to see her in that condition. She wanted me to remember her smiling. I will never forget this.Horrible feeling.

I am still feeling guilty for not having been with her in her final hours. I know there was nothing I could have done, but being miles away did not help. I met one person in the past month and he shared the same feelings I had, I have and I probably will have. It was such a relief, somehow. I had not talked openly with anyone and I finally could say what I was feeling.

Cancer  and all what you live leave such a mark  in your life. You see everything in a different perspective: every relationship, every fact, situation and you can not do anything, you can not explain anything.

She taught me how to love, how to appreciate small things, how to try to see the positive way in every little small thing.

Every visit with the doctor, every chemio was like being stabbed.

This is life, we come and go, we come to life and we disappear, but it is definitely not easy to accept this.

I have still not learned. I am still trying to fight against the sterility of perception and feelings. The aridity of the rational thought. I still do every single thing with my heart and I am hurt every single time.
I’ve met hundreds of people. I laughed with them, I smiled, I had fun. I shared my feelings with them. I loved and still love some of them. I lost some of them. I cried for some of them. Some of them are my best friends. In Germany, Italy, Spain, in Switzerland, in France. I still do not get how they read into my mind and when something happens they send me a message. This is friendship then. I am surprised every single time.

Probably I will never learn, it is a never-ending process.

You can try to change, you can try to modify some parts of your being, but your essence is there and changing for something or someone is only cheating.

It 2 AM in the morning and I can not sleep, again.
I have three thousand thoughts in my mind, ideas, I am still worried and my heart is beating at the sound of the music. I can not stop it. In the past days I have felt a fear, that fear. I just want to delete that. I did not want to tell anyone.

I have to do everything by myself. Once again.

This new year is awaiting me. I will not settle down for anything less than what I want and deserve. I will not change for someone.

I still have some plans and dates to save: New York next month, a wedding in the summer, some concerts to look forward to.I want to change some things, I want to stick to the things in which I believe. And sometimes I say I just wanna be loved and understood for the crazy  human being I am.

2011, it might sound cheesy but I just want to be happy.

Latest video from Chase & Status

22 Dec

Back in cold Northern Italy for Xmas holidays after a crazy hectic journey (and 12 hours in Gatwick), now I am at home eating homemade food and relaxing.

Starting to miss (already) the UK music sounds, so I suddenly felt the desire to watch the latest video from Chase & Status that recreates the vibes of ’90s warehouse party.

Seriously tempted to buy a ticket for 2011 tour. I saw them at Wireless Festival last summer and they were huge!



ps. I will take care of this little blog in 2011, promised. And I have  a Flickr Pro now! Time for changes!Yay!!!

Another weekend….

9 Oct

Not that I have to make all my private things public, but yeah, yesterday was another wicked Friday!

Was off for a couple of days, so I had the chance to realax the first day and on Friday I went to see the presentation of “The Social Network” at the Apple Store in Regents Street. I could not believe my eyes when I found out that Justin Timberlake in person would have been there!

When we arrived to the store there was not such a big crowd, so luckily I had the chance to see the interview in a quite good position. Apart from Justin, the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and the actors Adrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg were there.

I can not deny I was deeply interested in Justin as I literally love him, since the time when he was performing with NSYNC and I was a nerdy teenager. Seeing him was like a dream coming true and I was really surprised when I had the chance to see a young man, in flesh and blood in front of me. I think I was maybe expecting to see a super-human, something like that. Crazy-stupid.

Anyway, the interview was quite good. The story is based on Facebook, although the screenwriter insisted that everyone, even someone not interested or not really knowing Facebook will enjoy the movie.

I am very curious to see it, not just because of Mr JT. The idea of the biggest social network and the history behind it is so unique and peculiar.

Mark, the founder of Facebook, was a sophomore at Harvard and he was  the archetype of a nerd. He was and he still is a genius, a man able to build such a powerful system, a social way to build, mantain and sometimes break relationship.

I am a Facebook/Twitter/blogs addicted and although I recognize they are all good ways to keep in touch with friends, people who live far from you, sometimes they do become alienating.

I will see the movie in a couple of weeks, it is actually out on the 15th in UK

Yesterday night, drum ‘n bass and dubstep at Fabric, good night, fun and dances and friends. A night with laughs, jokes, good tunes is always welcomed.

At the end of the night I walked from Farringdon to London Bridge. Through the City,  with my thoughts. Such a good experience. I love walking alone with the music in my ears. I now it might sound crazy and dangerous, especially at 5 AM, but somehow I find myself every time I do it. Mind wandering, flux and stream of consciousness. It hurts, it hurts a lot because in the dark and in the loneliness everything comes up, even what you have tried to avoid. But it is there, it does happen and you can fight with all your power and strenght but it does exist. Life. Such a wonderful and difficult journey. Questions and answers you can not find. Emotions I can not deny and feelings I am not able to hide. Love, hate, fear.Such a failure! This is what they call life and we should appreciate every single moment, even when reality is so hard to be faced.

Muse 11.09.10, Wembley

16 Sep

Quick, quick post.
I know that after the following few lines someone will hate me, but please, this is just my personal idea.

I got the tickets for Muse at the very last moment (literally). One of my friend living in Ireland had a friend in Finland who could not attend the gig anymore and was selling them underpriced. I received the two tickets 24 hours before, when I was literally starting to panick.

Wembley is Wembley. It is a huge, big stadium and having been there several times (U2, Oasis, Kasabian, Coldplay) I know how you feel when you go out from the underground station and you see it. Emotions.

You all know how is the “Resistance” Tour. I suppose, you have read reviews, seen pictures everywhere of the UFO and of the great show.

Well, show. That’s how I felt. I have to admit I am not the Muse’s fan N.1. They were amazing, they played wonderfully, etc etc. The entire performance made you feel like you were in Hollywood (and not in Wembley).

Somehow the people were not that involved, they were not jumping, singing along ( I know that some of the songs are not that easy to sing if you do not have the voice of the singer) but cmon! You are in Wembley, you are seeing a great band. Dead. And I was not even in a bad position! Standing on the pitch!
Maybe it is just my personal taste and the fact that I am comparing totally different perfomances and kind of shows. I felt it was a show, ready for the DVD and the CD. Usually I love everything, and I loved Muse as well, but in a different way.

At the very end, going to the Tube, people were not even singing like they used to do in other concerts, I was so disappointed, trust me!
I had the chance to speak about this with other people who attended several Muse concecerts before and they were disappointed as well. It is not the band’s fault but the atmosphere was not rock’n roll as I expected. It is…. POP not in the bad connotation, but “popular”.

Anyway, Matt and the other members were great, lights and effects awesome, stage amazing, setlist very good with old songs (even if I wanted “Unintended” to be played), even the rain saved us, I managed to get back to London in a “normal time”.

I am happy I had the luck to see them, but I hope they will get back to smaller and more intimate venues.
Pics coming soon (as I get a Pro Flickr account!).