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Reckless with you love- Azari & III

9 Dec

New Azari & III video,  I think this is possibly one of my favorite songs on the album.


Reckless with your love 
You. Just. Give it up 
Fearless with your life 
But no-one can you trust 
Reckless with your love 
You. Just. Give it away 
Fearless with your life 
Living day to day 


Drake & Rihanna= Take Care

24 Nov

Sun is shining in nothern Italy and I am sitting in my room sending cvs and making application. The soundtrack for today is based on new albums and as I was listening to Drake via Spotify, here one “cheesy” song with Rihanna, with the help of Jamie XX

Caspa “Fulham 2 Waterloo”

9 Jun

New from Katy B

29 Oct

New single from Katy B with Ms,. Dynamite. Tune!


Kanye West- Runaway

25 Oct

Here’s the link for “Runaway” from Mr. Kanye West, it is indeed like a short-movie, 34 mins.

Was surprised when I found this on You Tube!

This man has a big ego for sure, but the production of this video is huge and costumes and special effects are great.Album is going to be so good, hate Mr. West or love him (as I do even in his random declarations and tweets): can not wait.
(and yeah I am a girl and straight but that lady playing the bird is just gorgeous)

Cover of 99 problems by Hugo

22 Oct

Randomly found this. Cover of Jay Z’s “99 problems”.