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Digitalism “Two Hearts”

26 May

New video from Digitalism


A rainy Sunday in London

20 Feb

This morning I had to say godbye to some friends who were visiting me and we ended up in Spitafields and Brick Lane for a a couple of hours. Quite crowded as usual, but had a good time.

Could not resist to the temptation of getting one of these

just because few minutes before I had seen this poster

Goodbyes are not that easy and after having been living in London for the past 3 years, I am still not used to them.

Let’s go on then, reminding that you have to

New sounds for 2011

8 Jan

Time for the “New sounds of 2011”!

BBC sounds of 2011 winner is Jesse J! I have to say I am literally obsessed by James Blake, 2nd in the chart and Clare Maguire ( I am going to see her at Koko on 26th for MTV Sound of 2011!).

Here you find the chart, the videos and all the info for every artist in the chart. Just wondering who we will really listen to this year.

And, song of the day, discovered on Annie Mac, Breakage ” Fighting fire”…. New Obsession